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And in 1994 – more than a decade before Facebook launched – body modification enthusiasts started their own social media platform: the Body Modification E-zine, or BME.

First operating as a bulletin board service (an early form of online message boards), BME eventually added features and functions that were forerunners before now-familiar online tools: blogging, wikis, online dating and podcasts.

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Men and women are able to get piercings and tattoos at the drop of a hat, so the practitioners of extreme body piercing have had to branch out further in to set themselves apart from all the squares who decided to gauge their ears after seeing a Hawthorne Heights music video.Gender dysphoria can be triggered by the perfect storm of factors that come up in dating situations.With the rise of internet dating sites and apps like Grindr and Tinder where you’re able to write a custom biography for yourself, you’d think that some of these problems would be alleviated.If you have a weak stomach, prepare yourself for this list of the most extreme body modifications ever.Extreme body modifications have taken on many forms in recent years.From getting patterned facial scarring, to spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to look like a children’s toy, and even installing microchips in your body to better communicate with technology, people all over the world are taking body modification and applying to their own truths.


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