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Selma Miller, a family therapist in Manhattan who is making a study of what happens to siblings of the disabled.The issues affecting the healthy sibling are also coming to the forefront because so many more disabled or retarded children are being raised at home rather than in institutions.

For instance, the sibling will frequently choose a care-giving profession and aim to stay close to home to continue a role assumed as a child, said Dr.Special Olympics has launched a petition against Showtime and comedian Gary Owen due to his use of the word “retarded” in his comedy special for the cabler. His routine also mocks the Special Olympics as well.In his special, “I Agree with Myself,” which first aired in January 2015 and aired again Monday night (the program is now available on Showtime On Demand), the comedian uses the word to talk about his cousin, Tina. “The 100-meter dash is the funniest s–t you’ll want to see,” he says, “because it’s literally eight people running with no arm swing.” Special Olympics chair Tim Shriver has reached out to Showtime president and CEO David Nevins to request removal of the offending segment of the show.An early outgrowth of all this has been the creation of sibling support and information-sharing networks to serve both child and adult siblings.In childhood, it is now believed, ''most siblings do not need counseling or therapy, they need understanding,'' said Dr.Have you ever wondered why parents of kids with special needs always seem to be so cranky? Another person with good intentions said, “G-d only gives us what we can handle.” 13.


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