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It would also feature oil and gas pipelines to connect Russia’s petro-industries more directly to the rest of the world.“This is an inter-state, inter-civilization, project.It should be an alternative to the current model, which has caused a systemic crisis.The idea, dubbed the Trans-Eurasian Belt Development (TERP), would see a high speed railway and motorway built from Eastern Europe, across Siberia and over the Bering Strait to Alaska.Vladimir Yakunin, the head of Russia’s state railways, told a meeting of the Russian Academy of Sciences that the project could link existing networks and supercharge global economic growth.In other signs of tightening relations, Friday morning alone saw Russia's largest oil producer, Rosneft, and Saudi Arabia's national oil company Saudi Aramco announce that they will look into joint investments in the kingdom with another Russian gas giant Lukoil also revealing that it will consider marketing oil alongside Saudi Aramco. Cel puţin asta promite fostul deputat PCRM, Vadim Mişin, care alături de 2 colegi, a anunţat astăzi că părăseşte fracţiunea şi revine în Legislativ.In Rider we build on top of the Intelli J platform and Re Sharper.

Have a look at the Tools | Android menu too: Rider can open the AVD and SDK Manager for us, or open a device shell on a running device or emulator.Too much for one sentence, as you can see from the full list of fixes. Rider now supports creating and working with Xamarin Android applications (if the SDK’s are installed).When creating a new solution, a number of templates are available for Android and Android Wear apps and libraries: We can build our application in Rider with code completion, navigation, refactoring, inspections and so on. Rider comes with a default run configuration for Android, which will prompt us for the device (or emulator) we want to run or debug our application on: The default run configuration can be edited.We are glad to announce that Big Winter Sale is starting on the 1st of December and will last till the end of the year.During this time you get 50% off any edition of Data Objects. To apply this 50% special to your order, just enter DEC2011PROMO coupon code at the shopping cart or product checkout page.Should you have any questions, please email to [email protected]


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