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But of course, she acted like it was an annoyance, like it was going to ruin the whole thing. Freddie would probably talk through the whole thing, telling their audience about how to reboot your hard drive or something and they'd lose ten viewers per second. It was about midnight by the time she, Carly and Freddie started dozing off.Sam was sitting next to Freddie, and Carly was on the other side of him, her eyelids only moments from falling. She had practically ran over to her best friend's house and told her everything that Valerie had done.Carly/Spencer's dad coming back and being a massive Jerk Ass.They seem to be close as sisters as they look out for each other (see Cam Friendship ). Captain Obvious Characterization Marches On : He was a lot more energetic and loud in the pilot.Keep up with your i Carly, with these new episodes.When Sam accidentally reveals to Carly that she and Freddie shared a secret kiss, Carly confronts them both about why they never told her about it. Carly answers it.)Sam: Hey Carly, I came to talk to you about before.

In i Owe You, Spencer says Carly used to be a Sunshine Girl. Carly: Yeah, let me just get my purse.(At the Groovie Smoothie...)Freddie: I'll go get the smoothies.(Sam is also there, but Carly doesn't see her.)Sam: Carly? Freddie: Night.(The next day...)Freddie: You ready to go? Reactions on the character range all the way from "never watching the show again because of her to "best character ever".Progressively Prettier : Starting in Season 4 after they stopped with the Suppressed Mammaries, and staying so during Season 5 with many of the outfits worn during the Seddie arc.In this Power Trio, Sam very definitely takes on the "Brawn" side: she's aggressive, violent and eats everything.


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