Mandating nurse patient ratios dating plates

Of the total annual American health care dollars spent, hospitals are responsible for more than 0 billion.Despite a history of strength and stature in America, the hospital institution is in the midst of massive and disruptive change.Across the nation, hospitals have become embedded into the sacred fabric of communities.According to the American Hospital Association, in 2011 approximately 5,754 registered hospitals existed in the U.Low nurse–patient ratios are associated with poor outcomes among both patients and nurses.A 1999 California law requiring the establishment of minimum nurse–patient staffing ratios in hospitals was intended to improve care and patient safety and to help hospitals retain nurses.For centuries, hospitals have served as a cornerstone of the U. Hospitals are predominately where our loved ones go to die.

bag for a patient at the University of Miami Hospital’s Emergency Department in 2012 in Miami.

While the language differs across the states, at the heart of all these bills is a minimum nurse-to-patient ratio — a fixed number of nurses per patient.

The bills call for a different ratio in different parts of a hospital.

It's estimated that the mandate resulted in approximately one additional half hour of nursing per adjusted patient day beyond what would have been expected without the policy.

The authors note that California is the only state to have established minimum nurse staffing ratios and its experience may be useful for other states considering such a policy.


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